With the dawn of the 4G revolution, Bollywood has entered an era when fandoms have become more empowered than ever before. In 2018 the box-office made it clear that immersive storytelling is essential in the battle to retain the attention of savvy content diving fans.

This has led to the emergence of Desi Pop Culture as it’s own independent entity with Amazing Desi Fan Art, Mind-Blowing Desi Fan Theories & Thriving Official Desi Fan-Clubs.

BollyCon – The Desi पॉप Culture Convention is a community oriented content discovery experiential marketing tool. The programming options under this banner include but not limited to Celebrity Meet & Greets & Fan Club Meet-ups, Special Screenings, Curated Live Showcases, Fan + Media Panel Discussions, & other Activations & Contests.

As an ephemeral 3rd place offering, BollyCon gives fans an opportunity to indulge in Bollywood themed merchandise while feeling a sense of community. It provides an opportunity to explore & express fandom uninhibitedly. A secure place for महाfans to meet their idols and respectfully interact with the content being presented.

Since 2017, These activities have been happening throughout the year in various parts of the country and once annually on a grand scale in Mumbai.

So if you see a friend dressed in a Sherwani & Lehenga, or even a Bahubali armor, or just wearing a Lungi & drawing a Teja ‘X’ on their face & practicing to Pose Like SRK, they are probably on their way to celebrate our fantastic Desi Pop Culture with people just like you who attend BollyCon!