Rohit Gupta’s friend Anees Faroqui who suffers from muscular dystrophy is no stranger to the issue of not being allowed to take his ventilator into the cinema to enjoy a movie like you and me. However this was before he became friends with this talented entertainer. 

Gupta not only used his clout to ensure that his friend got to fulfil his wish to watch a movie, but he also watched the movie with Anees.

Alas news of this story reached reached desi pop culture megastar Hrithik Roshan who took to his official FB page to praise Rohit’s act of kindness and selflessness. 

Like everyone else, Hrithik too finds Rohit Gupta’s videos super hilarious & recently Gupta even was on the British Radio at BBC in London exhibiting his flavour of entertainment. 

We agree with Hrithik – More Power to celebs like Rohit who use their clout to do good. Also a quick shout out to the team at INOX for being so accommodating. We hope more cinemas take their lead and adopt more disabled friendly cinema experiences.