Excel Entertainment headed by Girish Sidhwani and Farhan Akthar & Tiger Baby released this promotion for Gully Boy starring Ranveer Singh & Aalia Bhatt. After an official 1st look poster this was the second promo for this movie directed by Zoya Akthar. 

The video is a testament to the outstanding artistry of Ranveer Singh. To see him rap will give you goosebumps. Moreover, like a number of hit movies in 2018, this is also an opportunity for a different section of society apart from the conventional privileged upper castes to find realistic representation in mainstream storytelling, a trend we hope to see much more of as Bollywood evolves.

Many are unaware of the DesiHipHop scene that has been emerging right under the nose of the Bollywood industry. Very few artists like Honey Singh, Raftaar & Badshah have risen to mainstream fame, while artists like Emiway are still making their way to the top. They seem to use the same tactic Trump used to rise to fame he started a feud with Obama. That is apparently, ‘how rappers roll’ . It is also sometimes the best way to attract attention to some very talented performers. 

Enter – #SABURBAN50: A super talented collective of rappers with a growing community of followers and influential patrons. As their 1st order of business they decided to drop a Diss Track called #DissRespect. If you listen to the track and follow the Desi Hip Hop scene in India you will understand who this track is meant to diss, and if you don’t then be rest assured that you will still enjoy the sound.  

Usually a diss track is meant to get a response but it is to be seen whether #SABURBAN50 will get the validation in the form of a response. One way to make this fun if you like the track, is to share the track so it reaches enough views that a response becomes inevitable.

So here’s your chance to get a true feel of being part of the #DesiHopHop scene, watch the videos and leave your opinions in the comment section. We bet this is so much more addictively entertaining than any reality show you’ve watched & will allow you to enjoy #GullyBoy much more when it will be out this Valentines Day. 

#SABURBAN50 is supported by Unleash India and Dismantle Media & had their 1st performance on the 25th of November 2018 at BollyCon – Dieहार्ड.

What is most interesting is that there were many who dissed Ranveer Singh’s performance in Simmba and said that he should stick to only starring in Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies. Will his performance in #GullyBoy make Ranveer Singh’s haters eat their words, will it be his epic #micDrop? Can’t wait to watch Gully Boy on the 14th of Feb 2019