Rohit Gupta is renowned Prankster who mimics Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and many more. Recently he prank called Rajiv Lakshman from Roadies while his wife was recording him, Rohit talked to him as Sanjay Dutt for a new show with Nawaz and Rajiv as judges. He then pulled his leg by making him do anulom vilom. He asked him in Sanjay Dutt’s voice why does he abuses so much in the show. Later he joked with him saying he wants to make an add film for Viagra named ‘Bahut Hard’ and Rajiv as the Brand ambassador to that Rajiv replies, “Sir aap merko kyu badnaam kar rahe ho” and starts laughing. Later he jokes with him to make a mark on his face and come so that he can differentiate between him(Rajiv) and Raghu on the show. Later he speaks with him in Nawaz’s voice. They have alot of fun during the call but later when Rohit tells him about the prank and her wife shooting her Rajiv gets angry and cuts the call. Rohit calls him again after some time and records it, Rajiv was a bit upset with him and tells him to come and meet him at his office.
The link to the video is here and you can even watch his live video on facebook at his office.
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Rohit Gupta Pranks Rajiv as Sanjay Dutt

Rajiv with Rohit Gupta at his office after the prank video