FanClubs are the life & soul of digital promotions for Bollywood Movies. They are the first filter when any media seeks to transcend into the #DesiPopCulture space.  Amongst the top Bollywood Fanclubs on the internet, It’s no doubt that The Varuniacs have a special bond with BollyCon. So it’s no surprise that we simply had to feature how some of them reacted to the reveal of Varun Dhawan’s look as Zafar for the digital promotions of Kalank. 

Some Varuniacs had impressive fanmade posters to get us in the mood for the reveal:

Once the poster was out, they took to twitter to express their excitement:

This fan pointed out a detail in the poster that others may have missed:

Another gave us a handmade #FanArt replica of the poster

To show that they are hard core fans they make sure to follow Varun's practice of adding the name of his character to their name like he does on social media. They also looked up stories on why his character's name was changed in the film.

and if you haven't noticed it yet there are a bunch of people with this new look of their favourite star set as their DP on all platforms.

Check out some more fanmade posters of Kalank that we found on insta:

Check out some more Varun Dhawan #FanArt posters of Kalank that we found on twitter:

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