Here’s our take:
This movie marks the direction that all the critics keep trying to get Bollywood to go in.
Tumbbad is a movie that has as much of a commercial potential, as it does an artistic appeal. One can almost call it The High Art of Bollywood.
The best part of this project apart from every other awesome part of its storytelling is the narrative & the discourse.

The folklore is not in the slightest contrived or derived from western or even world-lore. It is an authentically Indian anecdotal take on the Tragedy of Commons. It is an ode to the culturally abundant Indian vernacular.

It is aimed at the middle-income Indians who perhaps for the first time in History, in 2018, are at a point where they are able to fully reap the rewards & benefits that this historically sought after Indian Peninsular has to offer. It bears a very serious & cautionary social message that stays with you long past the end of the movie. 

Despite staying true to the depiction of the social structure of the time period, it manages to stay almost politically sensitive in its overall portrayal.

The learning that the industry needs to take home is that, to birth stories that will survive the test of time, we need the fortitude to weather a long and arduous gestation period. It’s an appeal to big production houses to treat every movie less like a profit machine and more like an artist residency before a phenomenally prestigious exhibition. 

The acting & every minute little idiosyncrasy, the props, the sets, the location, the costumes, the VFX and the cinematography not only effortlessly reflect the time period but also marry together in every frame to create pure poetry.

Kudos to the team for giving Indian Cinema this jewel of a magnum opus!

The saga of #Tumbbad is a many layered journey. Watch how it unfolded behind the scenes.

Directed by #RahiAnilBarve, #Tumbbad features #SohumShah and hits theatres, 12th of October. 

You can’t miss this one! 

Cast: Sohum Shah, Jyoti Malshe, Dhundhiraj Prabhakar Jogalekar, Anita Date, Deepak Damle, Ronjini Chakraborty & Mohd. Samad

Directed By: Rahi Anil Barve
Co-Directed By: Adesh Prasad

Produced By: Sohum Shah, Aanand L Rai, Mukesh Shah & Amita Shah
Executive Producer & Creative Director: Anand Gandhi
Co-Produced By: Mitesh Shah, Kanupriya, Adesh Prasad, Tomas Eskilsson – Anthony Muir (Film i Väst), Sean Wheelan (Filmgate Films)
DOP: Pankaj Kumar
Editor & Creative Producer: Sanyukta Kaza
Written By: Mitesh Shah, Adesh Prasad, Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi
Production Designers: Nitin Zihani Choudhury & Rakesh Yadav
Original Songs Composed & Arranged by: Ajay – Atul
Original Score: Jesper Kyd Sound: Kunal Sharma Lyrics:
Raj Shekhar Line Producer: Girish Patel
Post Production Supervisor: Pranav Thakkar
Visual Effects: Filmgate Films AB
Colour By: Redchillies.color
Colorist: Tushar Jadhav
Visual Promotions: Just Right Studioz
Publicity Design: Seek Red
Costume: Smriti Chauhan & Sachin Lovalekar
Makeup: Serina Mendonca Texeira & Shrikant Desai
Prosthetics/Special Effects Make-Up: Dirty Hands, Studio Hash
Action Director: Parvez Shaikh

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